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Elias Roessel: Let us talk about 3D printing


streda 21.02.2024




Nová synagóga Žilina

Podujatie je English friendly (EN bellow). S Eliasom (s dánsko-nemeckou posilou nášho technického tímu) v prezentácii a úvodnej debate (do možno pravidelnejších praktických stretnutí) zaostríme na jeden z jeho obľúbených koníčkov. 

Digitálne zručnosti rozvíjame vďaka podpore Nadácie Orange.

„It is an intro to 3D printing, The session is for people who are curious about what 3D printing is, what it can be used for and how to get started. The presentation is based on the experiences of a years access to 3D printers, creating prototypes for work, gifts and small useful items for everyday use. There will be also a live demonstration of a printer to show the process from idea to (hopefully 🙂) usable parts.” Elias Roessel


📸 Picture caption: (Creating parts next to your desktop removes barriers between ideas and realization).

Contact for more info about this event: kamilmihalov@gmail.com

Entry for this event is voluntary, thank You all in advance for contribution. 

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